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Bahamas Marine EcoCentre (BME) is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and respect for the unique Bahamian land and seascapes.  Creative activities are designed to foster environmental stewardship and promote ocean literacy. Through education, research and art programmes, we aim to inspire all individuals – locals and visitors, young and old – to treasure and preserve the natural heritage of the Bahamas.



‘Conch Today, Conch Tomorrow’

conch girlCrowning the Bahamian coat of arms, the queen conch (Strombus gigas) symbolizes the marine life of the Bahamas and is emblematic of Bahamian culture. Conservation of conch and other natural resources today is vital to creating a sustainable Bahamas for tomorrow.






Bahamas Marine EcoCentre was originally known as The Danguillecourt Project (TDP). TDP was founded in December 2006 to honour Sergio & Jacqueline Kriz Danguillecourt, who shared a passion for the natural and cultural heritage of the Bahamas. The first major project of TDP was the production of a coffee table book of scientific art called ‘Islands of the Sun: a Tribute to the Northern Exuma Cays.’ This book, which is dedicated to Sergio and Jackie, depicts the wondrous habitats of the islands so loved by this couple. Momentum spawned by ‘Islands of the Sun’ fostered a host of educational activities, including the creation of the Young Bahamian Marine Scientists (YBMS) programme.  Research capacity was expanded in 2008 by the building of a small field station on Little Darby Island, south Exuma Cays, in 2008.

In 2010, The Danguillecourt Project was renamed “Bahamas Marine EcoCentre” (BME) to better encapsulate the mission of the organization to foster environmental stewardship through educational programs, scientific research, and creative art projects. In 2011, YBMS evolved into an independent organization known as Young Marine Explorers (YME). A highlight of our educational activities, the Alf Thompson Memorial Scholarship which provides internship opportunities for aspiring young Bahamian scientists was introduced in 2011.

Registered as a non profit organization in both The Bahamas and the United States (501c-3 status), BME is supported by individuals and corporations who are committed to sustainability, education and preservation of the unique Bahamian environment.


The sublime white-tailed tropicbirds of the BME logo represent the splendor of The Bahamas’ pristine tropical environments. These magnificent seabirds are an embodiment of freedom and grace.


The Bahamas

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Google Earth satellite image of The Bahamas

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